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At Soundcoat, we understand the success of a noise control treatment very often depends on the correct choice of an adhesive to meet a variety of extreme environmental conditions, namely, heat, humidity, chemicals, shock and vibrations. At the same time, an adhesive must be cost effective and easy to apply.

Soundcoat offers 2 distinct types of adhesive:

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives:

  • Bonds noise control materials to a variety of substrates; bonds instantly
  • Specifically formulated for use with a variety of substrates and environmental conditions found in noise control applications.
  • Aggressive tack
  • High peel and shear strengths
  • Excellent aging and storage properties
  • Special purpose pressure-sensitive adhesives are available (extreme temperature, low energy surface, flame resistance, etc.)
Structural Adhesives:
  • B-Flex Epoxy: a two component, 100% solid epoxy adhesive
  • Developed for bonding constrained layer vibration damping elastomers to metallic substrates
  • Both components have a shelf life of 6 months or more when stored at the proper temperature
  • When cured, exhibits excellent resistance to water, oil, and a variety of chemicals
  • Our Engineering Department can assist you with Material Component Data information to determine which type of adhesive fits your product.


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