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Soundcoat provides custom designed molded barrier, molded thermal, acoustic panel, and under-the-hood acoustic absorption materials as solutions to noise in:
  • Gear Case Noise Shields for Class 8 Truck Engines
  • Engine Compartments
  • Truck Cabs
  • Oil Pan/Valve cover housings
  • Transmission sound shields
  • Air intake manifolds
  • Class 3 through 8 trucks
  • Dash and Door, Cowls
  • Floormats to reduce reverberant noise and driver fatigue





Soundcover can be custom molded to complex shapes for applications such as Diesel or Gasoline combustion engines, gear cases, oil pans, and/or valve cover housings

Soundcoat's family of Soundmat products are used in various densities, composites, and surfaces for floormats, truck cab floors and firewalls, and power supply sound shields


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