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Soundmat PB
  • Highly loaded lead-free vinyl.
  • Can be combined with layers of sound absorber, film facings, and decoupling foam layer.
  • Provides thermal insulating value to block airborne noise.
  • reduces low frequency noise.
  • Acoustic testing available to determine needed density and foam thickness to achieve optimum Sound Transmission Loss.


Ideal For:
Medical Equipment
Pleasure Boats
Off-Highway Vehicles
Machine Tools

Soundmat FV and FVP

Soundmat FV:
  • Limp mass barrier layer bonded to 1/4" layer of high efficiency acoustic foam
  • Reduces noise transmission through floors and walls

Excellent for floor, wall, and bulkhead areas in vehicle cabs

Soundmat FV, Ideal For:
Vehicular Cabs

Soundmat FVP:
  • Flexible, open cell polyurethane foam
  • Sandwiched between black vinyl and closed cell foam
  • High performance noise control
  • Attractive appearance

Wear Resistant
Pyramid Patterned
Slip and scuff resistant

Soundmat FVP, Ideal For:
Marine Vessels
Heavy Duty Trucks/Tractors
Hard Surfaces (Concrete)

Soundmat LF and LFM

Soundmat LF:
  • Lead septum sound barrier
  • Sandwiched between polyurethane foam and polyurethane embossed foam
  • Various combinations available (in number and weight)

Soundmat LF, Ideal For:
Luxury Boats
Office Equipment
Off-Highway Vehicles

Soundmat LFM:
  • Lead between Soundfoam M with matte film finish and 1/4" foam
  • Foam decouples the vibrating structure with acoustical lead septum
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability

Soundmat LFM, Ideal for:
Engine Rooms (lining and enclosure)
Compressor Housings

Soundmat Acoustic Floor Covering
  • Noise barrier composite
  • Treats dominant noise paths between the noise source and the operator
  • Offered in wide variety of colors, patterns, and densities with decoupling layers

Ideal For:
Class 3-8 Trucks
Off-Highway Vehicles
Transit Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles

  • Loaded vinyl barrier.
  • Combination of inorganic filler, vinyl and scrim.
  • Weight with minimum thickness.
  • Tough, flexible material.
  • Available in two weights: 72 and 120 oz/sq.yd.
  • Designed for applications requiring increased sound attenuation.
  • Easily bonded to sound absorbent foam.
  • Excellent water, petroleum and chemical resistance.

Ideal for:
Gear boxes
Power Transmission Units

Soundcover/Soundform MB

  • Molded polyurethane noise barrier.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Injection molded polymer.
  • Custom molded into complex shapes.
  • Durable.
  • Resistant to water, oils, grease, common chemicals.

Soundcover, Ideal for:
Diesel Engines
Class 3-8 trucks
Off-Highway Vehicles

Soundform MB:
  • Blocks low frequency noise in transportation/industrial applications.
  • Available with decorative facings and various foam or fiber decouplers.

Soundform MB typical Cab Applications:
Engine Covers


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